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Description of 3 Card Pick

3 Card Pick Solitaire, your goal is to move all cards from the 3 Card Pick to the discard pile. with add your mind logic.

When the game opens, 18 down turned cards will be dealt to form three connected take a cards, while 10 upturned cards will be placed under the peaks. 1 upturned card will be dealt to the discard pile at the bottom of the screen,

the remaining cards will be down turned and placed to the stock pile on the left of the discard pile. You can click to move an upturned card on the peak which is of an immediately adjacent ranking with the card on the discard pile regardless of their suits, for example, when the Ace of clubs is on the discard pile, any K or any 2 from the peaks can be moved to the discard pile. The down turned cards on the peaks will reveal when they are no longer blocked by other cards. You may click the stock pile to deal a new card whenever necessary. The game ends when the stock pile is used up but no more cards can be removed from the peaks. Try to connect as many moves as you can to win the 3 Card Pick!

high resolution graphics

multiple unlimited levels

point counting with less functionality scores

easy to share picture as you earn scores

be enjoy and share it..

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